From rock climbing to solar

From rock climbing to solar. Lumos Solar founder and CEO, Scott Franklin, discusses his journey from professional climber to solar advocate and business man on the Enormocast Podcast. Scott had already changed the climbing game prior to making his mark on the future of clean energy with Lumos Solar. As a professional climber, entrepreneur and designer, Franklin helped to create the climbing trends of today and tomorrow. Lumos Solar is influencing the future of solar solutions in the same way. With products such as the Lumos SolarZone or the SolarScapes Lumos’ solar designs are innovative, functional and beautiful!

Scott’s transition from rock climbing to solar was brought on by his desire to build a business where the more successful the business becomes, the more beneficial it becomes to the world. He brings the same dedication to the office as he did his climbing. A dedication that inspires the Lumos team to find paths to a cleaner and brighter future. Scott’s success in both industries proves that with commitment and passion you really can have it all! It is possible to be a maverick with a mullet, and a successful businessman in one lifetime! If you are a climber, or interested in climbing, and also in the solar industry, check out this great podcast!

Enormocast 242: Scott Franklin – Mullets and Mavericks