LSX Module System Built To Last

The LSX Module System is built to last! Since its launch 12 years ago, LSX has proved itself as the most durable and versatile architectural module system available. However, functionality is not it’s only strength. The award winning LSX system is unlike any other solar module on the market with it’s unique through-bolt mounting and translucent construction. LSX is the gold standard for solar installers and design professionals looking for architectural solar module solutions. The balance between aesthetics and functionality make LSX the best solution for solar installers and design professionals for the long term!


LSX is the most versatile module system available. This system has been featured in vertical facades, canopies, charging stations, awnings, carports . LSX has been seamlessly integrated into our other products like the SolarZone and our modular structural system, SolarScapes. This is the ideal system for creating a shade and weatherproof overhead structure.



The award winning, translucent LSX Module System provides roughly 10% light transmittance. This creates a unique, dappled light on the shady side. The iconic look of LSX has established a new beauty standard for solar modules. LSX is creating a new wave of architectural solar that not only does good, but looks good as well!

Building on the success of LSX, we are excited to announce the upcoming launch of our new Vision Module System coming later this year.  The Vision Module System benefits from over 16 years of experience in designing, engineering and delivering architectural solar solutions.

We are here to help with your next project. Whether you are adding the LSX Module System to a new or existing structure “by others” or using one of our prefabricated SolarScape structures to meet your projects goals, we have the hardware and experience to help you realize your solar dreams!