The Power To Transform Your Outdoor Space

Product Overview

The SolarZone solar charging and shade table is the perfect solution for creating a comfortable and functional outdoor workspace or classroom. Ideal for outdoor spaces at universities, colleges, schools, corporate campuses, stadiums, cafes, restaurants, soccer fields, golf courses, or anywhere you need a seat in the shade and a place to get a charge!

The SolarZone is available in two models Cafe and Team with several customizable options. Use the SolarZone Configurator to create your unique setup and request pricing for your configuration.

Key Features:

  • The SolarZone can be installed anywhere and does not require foundations or underground electrical work.
  • SolarZones feature Bluetooth programmable LED lighting and data monitoring.
  • SolarZones are available with optional bench seats and are ADA Compliant.
  • Our Vision Module System is super durable, looks great and provides plenty of shade and clean solar power to keep the batteries fully charged day and night.

SolarZone Cafe

SolarZone Team

Configure your SolarZone

The SolarZone is available in two models (Cafe and Team) with several customizable options including number of benches, optional ballast, and color. Use the SolarZone Configurator to:

  • Configure a unique SolarZone tailored to your needs
  • Request pricing for your custom configuration

Configure your SolarZone

Cluster Options

The SolarZone charging and shade structure is the perfect solution for creating a comfortable and functional outdoor seating area. Our configuration options give you the ability to design an outdoor workspace or classroom to fit your needs and group size. Put multiple SolarZone Solar Charging Tables together in various configurations for larger groups, outdoor classrooms, or anywhere people are spending  a lot of time and need a charge.

Graphic of six SolarZone Solar Table Workstations in a circle creating a workspace.

SolarZone Features

The SolarZone is packed with features including (4) wireless mobile device charging stations, (4) 110V weatherproof outlets for laptop charging and Bluetooth programmable LED lighting control. The SolarZone is available in (9) standard colors and is ADA Compliant with optional bench seats. You also get unbeatable durability, shade and power with our Vision Module System

  • SolarZone Clusters

  • Mobile Device and Laptop Charging

  • Victron Electrical Equipment

  • ADA Compatible

  • Integrated LED Lighting

  • Bluetoooth Enabled


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