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Product Overview

The SolarZone solar charging and shade table is the perfect solution for creating a comfortable and functional outdoor workspace or classroom. Ideal for outdoor spaces at universities, colleges, schools, corporate campuses, stadiums, cafes, restaurants, soccer fields, golf courses, or anywhere you need a seat in the shade and a place to get a charge!

The SolarZone can be installed anywhere and does not require foundations or underground electrical work. Featuring Bluetooth programmable LED lighting and data monitoring, the SolarZone is available with optional bench seats and web based data monitoring. SolarZones are also ADA Compatible. Our award-winning and highest weather rated LSX Module System look great and provide plenty of clean solar power to keep the batteries fully charged day and night.

Learn about using the SolarZone to create an outdoor workspace or outdoor classroom


The SolarZone is packed with features including (4) wireless mobile device charging stations, (4) 110V weatherproof outlets for laptop charging and Bluetooth programmable LED lighting control. The SolarZone is available in unlimited colors and is ADA Compliant with optional bench seats and web based data monitoring. You also get unbeatable durability with our LSX Solar Modules – the strongest solar panels available with the highest hail resistance, wind speed, and snow load rating. The LSX panel is made from fully tempered, 6mm glass which is roughly 2x the industry standard! Specialty glass is laminated with a translucent polymer backsheet creating a super durable, safety glass rated solar panel.

  • SolarZone Clusters

  • Social Distancing

  • Mobile Device and Laptop Charging

  • Victron Electrical Equipment

  • ADA Compatible

  • Infinite Color Options

  • Integrated LED Lighting

  • Bluetoooth Enabled


Graphic of four people sitting across from each at a table with Solar Shade with lines indicating 6' social distancing.

In our new social distancing world, the SolarZone charging and shade structure is the perfect solution for creating a comfortable and functional outdoor seating area. Our configuration options give you the ability to design an outdoor workspace or classroom to fit your needs and group size.

Put multiple SolarZone Solar Charging Tables together in various configurations for larger groups, outdoor classrooms, or anywhere people are spending  a lot of time and need a charge.


Graphic of six SolarZone Solar Table Workstations in a circle creating a workspace.




  • Complete SolarZone with four benches (excl. freight) $17,350
    Options Price
    Bench Deduct -$200/ per bench
    Web Based Data Monitoring $700
    Concrete Anchor Kit $300
    Earth Anchor Kit $1,000
    Ballast Anchor Kit $2,150
    3M Graphic Wrap Package Materials/Application $2,500
  • Our payment terms are 50% deposit at time of order and 50% balance prior to shipment. Final payment is due when order is complete.

  • Average lead time is approx. 10 weeks from order placement.

  • SolarZone Capacity

    • Lights on for 8 hours
    • Four hours of wireless phone charging per day
    • Eight hours of computer charging per day
  • Total wattage of solar: 1,800W
    Nominal battery capacity: 4,800 Wh (24V, 200Ah)
    Allowable depth of discharge: 50%
    Battery chemistry: AGM
    Maximum continuous load (@77°F): 700W (This is the maximum amount of power the SolarZone can supply through the AC outlet and wireless chargers, all combined into one load. This is exclusive of lights.)

    Note: We have assumed about 60% of nominal capacity when sizing the batteries, which is what power remains at a temperature of 20F. The batteries will operate safely down to about 0F, but with further reduction in capacity. In both cases, the capacity returns when the temperature rises. The likelihood of heavy usage at such low temperatures is minimal, so the reduced capacity is not typically an issue.

  • Modules 10 Year Workmanship/ 30 Year Power
    Mounting Products 10 Year Workmanship/ 3 Year Finish
    Electronics 5 Year Electronics/ 3 Year Battery

  • The table with benches is just over 9-feet square, and the maximum height of the solar canopy is about 10.5 feet. The following schematic shows the actual unit technical dimensions in inches.


  • Yes, the SolarZone is designed to create approximately 6 feet of airspace between the four users.


  • The SolarZone can be installed by two experienced installers in approximately 4-5 hours with proper tools and preparation.

  • No foundations are required. The SolarZone can be installed on a clean concrete slab or directly onto the ground. We offer anchoring solutions for both applications.

  • We are solar experts, not tax experts. Tax codes are complicated, and can also vary by state, so consult your tax advisor before deciding what is best for your situation. Here is what we do know:

    Eligibility for residential properties
    If you are installing energy storage on a residential property, it is eligible for a credit under the ITC – as long as the battery is only charged by an on-site renewable energy system like solar. If you don’t have solar panels, and plan on charging the battery with electricity from the grid, it isn’t eligible for the 26 percent solar tax credit.

    Eligibility for commercial properties
    If you are installing energy storage on a commercial property, it is eligible for a credit under the ITC as long as the battery is charged by a renewable energy system more than 75 percent of the time. The exact value of the federal tax credit for batteries depends on how frequently the battery is charged by a renewable energy system. To claim the full value, the battery needs to be charged by renewable energy 100 percent of the time. Otherwise, the credit is based on the portion of renewable energy it receives.

  • The SolarZone is shipped in a single crate from Denver, Colorado to your location. You will need a forklift to unload the crate onsite or have it delivered to a dock in order to receive.

    The dimensions of the crate are 122” L x 48” W x 52” H
    The crate weighs approximately 3,000 lbs.

  • Depending on your location, estimated costs are:

    $1,200-2,000 per unit if shipped individually (LTL or PTL)
    $3,000-4,000 per full truck load (10 units fit on a 53’ flatbed)

  • The system is rated for 175 mph wind gusts and 45 lbs per sf of snow load

  • The superstructure is powder coated aluminum. The table and benches are constructed of thermoplastic-coated steel. Both are designed for durable outdoor use with typical seasonal weather patterns from hot sun to freezing temperatures.

  • The standard integrated LED lighting of the SolarZone produces 10,280 lumens. The lights are programmable to turn on and off on any desired schedule via Bluetooth.

  • We recommend that a Lumos Authorized Professional handle the installation but the actual installation is fairly straightforward and can be completed by an experienced facilities team.

  • Lumos only sells to contractors, businesses, municipalities, schools or other commercial or institutional entities. Lumos does not sell direct to homeowners but can connect them with a Lumos Professional in their area.

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The SolarZone provides a shaded outdoor workspace that meets social distancing regulations, ideal for any setting—from commercial office and retail locations to educational and healthcare facilities.  For more information and a detailed pricing quote, contact us or fill out the inquiry form. 

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