Product Overview

The SolarZone charging and shade structure is the perfect solution for creating comfortable and functional outdoor seating areas. Ideal for universities, colleges, high schools, corporate campuses, cafes, restaurants, soccer fields, golf courses, or anywhere you need a seat in the shade and a place to get a charge!

The SolarZone can be installed anywhere and does not require foundations or underground electrical work. Featuring Bluetooth programmable LED lighting and data monitoring, the SolarZone is available with optional bench seats and web based data monitoring. SolarZones are also ADA Compatible. Our LSX Module System looks great and provides plenty of clean solar power to keep the batteries fully charged day and night.


  • SolarZone Clusters

  • Social Distancing

  • Mobile Device and Laptop Charging

  • Victron Electrical Equipment

  • ADA Compatible

  • Infinite Color Options

  • Integrated LED Lighting

  • Bluetoooth Enabled


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Looking for a safe classroom? SolarZone is a safe outdoor solution to social distance your students and charge devices.

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