Prefabricated modular solar structures

Prefabricated  Modular Solar Structures

SolarScapes are modular, pre-engineered, prefabricated solar structures made from machined, welded and powder coated aluminum or steel, depending on your project requirements for maximum durability and ease of installation. Infinitely configurable to meet the needs of any project, SolarScapes can be easily integrated into any new or existing structure.

Built with state-of-the-art U.S. manufacturing, SolarScapes integrate our award-winning frameless Vision Module System and meet the highest snow, wind, hail ratings, giving you unbeatable aesthetics, functionality and durability. From large scale elevated walkways to parking structures and awnings, if you can imagine it, Lumos Solar can make it happen! Contact us to get more information, discuss your project or get a free quote.

SolarScape Solar Carport covering parking spaces with cars parked in front with blue sky in background

Lumos Solarscape Parking Structure | FineMark Bank | Fort Myers, Florida

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SolarScape Features

  • Infinite Powder Coat Color options

  • LED Lighting

  • CNC Precision

  • Coating Quality



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