Lumos Solar Carports Made For the Shade

Lumos solar carports are one of the best ways to invest in solar energy. Think about it- places where you need shade the most, are also the most powerful locations to install solar panels. Solar carports are one of the most effective and efficient ways to harness solar energy since they are typically installed in open, unobstructed locations and can be angled to optimize energy generation.

Parking lots take up about one-third of land area in U.S. cities¹, yet despite their ubiquity, they are an often overlooked as opportunities to generate solar energy.

Positive Energy

The most obvious benefit solar carports provide is power. Solar carports can be used to offset a portion, or all, of your organizations electrical energy demand. Energy produced by your solar carport can offset your energy usage using net metering, energy can also be used to charge electric vehicles, or they can be used in combination with a battery backup system, increasing resilience during power outages.

Makes Cents

Turning parking lots into renewable energy power plants makes financial sense. Solar carports are an extremely efficient use of space and turn an otherwise underutilized asset – a parking lot- into a super performing asset that generates renewable energy, provides shade and covered parking to your users, and amplifies and highlights your organizations choice to use renewable energy.  Solar carports are also eligible for the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) which is currently a credit of 26% of the total installed cost. Depending on your location, there may be additional state or local incentives available as well, including renewable energy credits (RECs), which can be sold to other industries seeking to offset their emissions.

The time is ripe to add solar carports to your location and Lumos Solar is here to help.  From our prefabricated SolarScape structures to our innovative Vision Module System we have the hardware and experience to help you realize your solar carport dreams!