Residential Solar Solutions

For Home Owners

Lumos Solar is the global leader in architectural solar solutions, focused on aesthetics, functionality, and durability. We have an extensive portfolio of residential projects including canopies, awnings and carports used to provide shade over driveways, patios, decks, pools, outdoor kitchens, or anywhere you need shade and power.

More than just solar.

Lumos solutions are not your father’s roof mounted solar panels. Our unique modules and mounting systems provide shade and protection from the elements as well as solar power.

Below are some high level, budgetary prices for the complete, turn-key supply and installation of our Vision Module System and SolarScapes structures:

    • SolarScapes structure with Vision Module System: $175 – $200 per square foot

    • Vision Module System installed onto a structure by others: $65 – $100 per square foot

Includes: all material supply, labor, foundations, inverter, electrical, structural engineering, and utility interconnection.

Please keep in mind that the budgetary numbers above are before the Federal Investment Tax Credit of up to 40%. There may also be additional State, Local, and/ or Utility rebates and incentives available.

Next steps

Interested in moving forward?  Find a local contractor that you would like to work with and have them contact us to help configure a beautiful and functional solar structure to make your solar dreams come alive!

Residential Solar Projects