Hospitality Solar Solutions

Solar Powered Outdoor Spaces


Solar Shade and Charging Structures are the perfect solution for outdoor dining and entertainment, rooftops, entryways, common spaces, walkways, pools, parking lots – anywhere shade, seating, charging and weather protection is needed. Create architecturally aesthetic, functional and comfortable spaces with a solar canopy, awning, carport, rooftop structure, standalone charging station or anything else you can imagine.

  • Expand outdoor spaces
  • Increase outdoor lighting
  • Convenient device and EV charging
  • Shade and protection from weather
  • Solar power to generate electricity
  • Promote Sustainability

Our award-winning and highest weather rated frameless LSX Solar Module and Bifacial Glass-Glass GSX Solar Module Systems can be easily integrated into virtually any new or existing structure. We can also work with your design team to create completely custom structures to meet your project goals.

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Solar Canopy with LSX Frameless Solar Module provides shade and solar power for guests at Coasterra Restaurant.


Our specialty at Lumos Solar is working with design professionals to incorporate cutting-edge architectural solar design into their projects. Our unique solar solutions occupy a space where the solar industry and architectural building products overlap, and we can help take your design projects from concept to reality.

All of our Solar Modules and are built with state-of-the-art U.S. manufacturing, giving you unbeatable aesthetics, functionality and durability. Whether a new build or retro-fit, if you can imagine it, Lumos Solar can make it happen!

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Hospitality Solar Projects

SolarZone Standalone Solar Charging Table

For a standalone solution, our SolarZone Solar Charging Table is perfect for creating a functional outdoor space with shade, comfortable seating, wireless mobile charging, weatherproof outlets, LED lighting and Bluetooth monitoring.

It can be installed anywhere and does not require foundations or underground electrical work, making set up easy and fast.

  • (4) wireless mobile device chargers
  • (4) 110V outlets for laptop charging
  • Bluetooth programmable LED lighting
  • Custom branding – Unlimited colors
  • ADA Compliant
  • Optional bench seats
  • Web based data monitoring
  • Highest Rated Weatherproof LSX Solar Panels

Solarzone Recharge Station with people sitting and eating on benches under solar shade and charging phone devices.

SolarZone Recharge Station | Super Bowl LV | Tampa Bay, Florida

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