Lumos Solar Charges Up Broward County

Lumos Solar charges up Broward County with our SolarScape solar canopy for their brand new state-of-the-art electric bus charging station at the Ravenswood Bus Maintenance Facility. Broward County is a national leader in sustainability, helping citizens reduce energy consumption and supporting the adoption of renewable resources such as solar energy.  Broward County’s slogan says it all ~

“Save money. Save energy. Save the planet.”

To help achieve the county’s goals, we leveraged our prefabricated SolarScape structures with our award-winning LSX Module System to provide a showcase solar canopy that is beautiful and functional. We worked together to create a solar structure that met their goals for an aesthetic solution that produces clean and sustainable energy, providing shade while also covering the electric bus chargers. The super sleek installation was completed by the all star team of GC’s Florida Engineering & Development Corp., Electrical Contractor ASM, and Lumos Solar Installation experts at SEM Power.

This project is inspiring on so many levels; electric buses, solar charging, and architecturally inspired design, to create a truly winning solution! We are deeply honored to have been chosen to help create this timeless structure as Lumos Solar charges up Broward County

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