Kicking Off Summer with Lumos Solar

Solar Powered Outdoor Spaces

Parks, Transit Centers, Schools, Stadiums, City Centers, Zoos, Libraries
Anywhere SHADE and CHARGING with SOLAR POWER are needed!

Transform your outdoor spaces with beautiful solar designs! As we move into summer and resume travel and activities, the need to maximize the use of outdoor spaces is more important than ever. Create a functional, comfortable and safe space for people to socialize, recreate, picnic, park, wait for transportation, charge devices, and of course, relax. Lumos Solar’s award-winning Solar Modules and Solar Structures offer unique commercial and residential solar solutions for architects, design professionals, builders, city planners, and facilities managers, incorporating solar into new and existing projects.

Solarscape solar carport featuring LSX panels covers parking lot at Oceanfront Park in Boyton Beach, Florida

All of our solar structures use our highest weather-rated frameless LSX or Bifacial Glass-Glass GSX Solar Module Systems which can be easily integrated into virtually any project. Our SolarScapes, prefabricated solar modular structures, can be configured to fit any location and customized to meet your project goals. Lumos Solar solutions are unique and occupy a space where the solar industry and architectural building products overlap. Taking your projects from concept to reality is our specialty and we have an unparalleled track record of successful project completion. Whether a new build or retro-fit, if you can imagine it – Lumos Solar can make it happen!

Lumos Solar has completed dozens Solar Projects at Parks, Zoos, Stadiums, Activity Centers and Municipal Spaces including Oceanfront Park, Miami Bayfront, Chautauqua Park, NRG Stadium, Atlanta Falcons Stadium, Super Bowl NFL Experience and more. See all of our Solar Projects

Solarzone Recharge Station with people sitting and eating on benches under solar shade and charging phone devices.

SolarZone Recharge Station | Super Bowl LV | Tampa Bay, Florida