Lumos LSX Solar Canopy helps Lauderhill Mall go for the LEED Gold

Broward County is proving that Florida really is the sunshine state! The new LEED Gold Lauderhill Mall Mass Transit Center designed by Saltz Michelson Architects incorporates our LSX Module System along with custom infill glass to create a spectacular and stunning curved solar canopy that echoes the waves of the nearby beaches. This unique Lumos LSX curvy solar canopy structure was constructed by the team at Emerald Construction with the solar installation built by the all-star pros at Advanced Green Technologies. The beautiful, curving solar canopy was created with a mix of Lumos LSX Modules seamlessly integrated with 90+ unique pieces of custom infill glass to create a continuous, weatherproof array with an elegant and distinctive curved edge.

The Lumos LSX Module system helped Broward County achieve LEED Gold. Frameless LSX modules are an unmatched blend of functional, modern building material and powerful solar energy generation.

The project is an excellent showcase of how Lumos solar canopies provide shade, weatherproof covering, and clean energy production all in a sleek, modern package. Installations like this masterpiece are a great way to make solar energy something people interact with and appreciate on a daily basis. Lumos was founded with the goal of facilitating the widespread adoption of solar energy. We believe that projects like this, that bring sustainable energy into people’s everyday lives, are a great way to make solar ubiquitous and commonplace. We are honored to be a part of Broward County’s sustainability and energy efficiency projects and applaud their leadership.

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