LSX Solar Modules Are the Strongest Solar Panels Available

Did you know? LSX Modules Are the Strongest Solar Panels Available!

It seems hard to believe but our sleek, frameless LSX Modules are the strongest solar panel available in the world today. Our patented LSX has the highest hail resistance, wind speed, and snow load of any solar panel. The LSX panel is made from fully tempered, 6mm glass which is roughly 2x the industry standard! Specialty glass is laminated with a translucent polymer backsheet creating a super durable, safety glass rated solar panel.

2" Hail Ball shot from a cannon to test LSX Solar Panel

LSX has achieved a Class 4 Hail Rating which is the equivalent strength of concrete tile. The solar industry standard test is a 1″ hail ball at 52 mph. However, LSX withstands a 2″ hail ball shot from a cannon at 80+ mph!

Additionally, LSX is rated for over 180 mph wind speed and 170 psf snowload. Solar installations in many of the most challenging weather and hurricane environments from Southern Florida and the Caribbean, to extreme snow load areas like Buffalo, New York and Northern Canada use LSX to cover their solar energy needs. LSX is not only the best looking solar panel, it is also the strongest.

Make sure to check our latest product, the SolarZone, a solar charging station perfect for outside classrooms and workspaces featuring the LSX Module System, offering shade and weatherproof solar panels.