Solar-Powered Outdoor Spaces on Campuses

Solar-powered outdoor spaces on campuses are the wave of the future and are here to stay! As more and more schools across the country transition to solar power, the need for innovative solar solutions that are functional and can withstand extreme weather events is more important than ever.

According to the 2022 “Brighter Future” report, by the clean energy nonprofit Generation180, “the amount of solar installed at K-12 schools has tripled and the number of schools with solar has doubled since 2015. Despite this growth, only 9% of schools have gone solar. If all U.S. K-12 schools were 100% powered by solar, they would offset the carbon dioxide emissions each year of 16 coal-fired power plants.”

Not only do solar power installations reduce energy costs, further sustainability goals, and take steps toward building climate resilience, they also offer educational opportunities. For example, Denver Public Schools in Colorado is using solar arrays to teach students about renewable energy and offer guidance for future careers in the solar industry. 

Success stories from Solar Schools combined with the need for energy resiliency, proves now is the time to transform outdoor spaces with shelter, charging, and connectivity while generating renewable solar power. Bolstered by the recent passage of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and the expansion of the Federal Tax Credit for Solar Photovoltaics, which includes incentives for tax-exempt organizations there has never been a better time for schools to invest in solar power 

SolarScapes Provide Shelter, Charging and Connectivity

Solar Canopies, Parking structures, Walkway Covers, Charging Tables, and Bus Stop Shelters are the perfect solution for creating a safe, comfortable, and functional outdoor space while generating clean, renewable energy with solar power. 

SolarScape Solar Structures are a great way to utilize outdoor spaces since they are typically installed in open, unobstructed locations where shade is needed the most and can be angled to optimize energy generation. All of our SolarScapes use our highest weather-rated frameless LSX  Solar Module System and Vision Module System, which can be configured to fit any location. 

A great example of innovative solar design and functionality is NeoCity Academy, Florida’s first Net-Zero Energy K-12 School. They integrated a unique curved solar canopy for food trucks, a solar covered walkway at the entrance and a large solar canopy over the outdoor seating area.

SolarZone Solar Charging Tables

For schools needing a standalone solution with shade, comfortable seating, charging, and connectivity that can be installed anywhere, our SolarZone Solar-Powered Shaded Charging Tables are the perfect solution 

Featuring our highest weather rated LSX Module System, the SolarZone provides unlimited charging capacity when the sun is shining and over 8 hours after the sun goes down. Features include wireless mobile chargers, weatherproof outlets, Bluetooth monitoring, LED lighting and optional bench seats. It is also ADA Compliant and available in unlimited colors with customizable branding options. You can also put multiple SolarZones together in various configurations for larger groups, outdoor classrooms, student centers, eating areas or anywhere shade, charging and connectivity is needed. 

SolarZones can be installed anywhere and do not require foundations, underground electrical work, or specialized electrical skills or tools, making set up easy and fast. Watch a SolarZone Installation and check out all of our SolarZone Projects

Lumos Solar has partnered on Solar Projects for schools and universities across the United States and Canada including University of Hawai’i, CU Denver AnschutzSan Diego State University  University of Utah, Okanagan College,  University of Alberta, Hawai’i Preparatory Academy,  Nueva High School , Colorado College and University of California Irvine .