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Transform Your Outdoor Learning Spaces

The standalone SolarZone Solar Charging Table can help K-12 Schools, Colleges and Universities create safe and functional outdoor solar powered spaces with shade, comfortable seating, device charging, and integrated lighting. It is an ideal shade and charging solution for outdoor classrooms, student centers, entrancesparking lotslibraries, eating areassports fields or anywhere on campus where shade and charging is needed.

Solarzone Solar Charging Table provides shade, mobile and laptop charging, LED Lighting and social distance. The ideal outdoor classroom.

Installation is fast and easy. The SolarZone requires no foundations, underground electrical work or specialized electrical skills or tools, and you can put multiple SolarZones together in various configurations to fit your needs and group size. Featuring our LSX Module System, the SolarZone is weatherproof and provides unlimited charging capacity when the sun is shining and over 8 hours after the sun goes down. Features include wireless mobile chargers, weatherproof outlets, Bluetooth monitoring, LED lighting and optional bench seats. It is also ADA Compliant and available in unlimited colors with customizable branding options. See all of our SolarZone Projects


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Our award-winning design and highest rated solar panels make the SolarZone the most aesthetic, durable and functional solar charging table available on the market. It’s cutting edge architectural solar design earned a Architectural Products PIA 2020 Award and a place on the Top Solar Canopy Structures 2020 by Solar Power World.


The SolarZone is packed with features including (4) wireless mobile device charging stations, (4) 110V weatherproof outlets for laptop charging and Bluetooth programmable LED lighting control. The SolarZone is available in unlimited colors and is ADA Compliant with optional bench seats and web based data monitoring. You also get unbeatable durability with our LSX Solar Modules – the strongest solar panels available with the highest hail resistance, wind speed, and snow load rating. The LSX panel is made from fully tempered, 6mm glass which is roughly 2x the industry standard! Specialty glass is laminated with a translucent polymer backsheet creating a super durable, safety glass rated solar panel.

  • Classroom Clusters

  • Mobile Device and Laptop Charging

  • Victron Electrical Equipment

  • ADA Compatible

  • Infinite Color Options

  • Integrated LED Lighting

  • Bluetoooth Enabled


The SolarZone charging and shade structure is the perfect solution for creating a comfortable and functional outdoor seating area. Our configuration options give you the ability to design an outdoor workspace or classroom to fit your needs and group size.

Put multiple SolarZone Solar Charging Tables together in various configurations for larger groups, outdoor classrooms, or anywhere people are spending  a lot of time and need a charge.


Graphic of six SolarZone Solar Table Workstations in a circle creating a workspace.



The SolarZone is a completely prefabricated, standalone solar charging structure which can be installed anywhere with no foundations or underground electrical required. The electrical system is powered by our LSX Module System paired with electrical components from Victron Energy. It is designed to provide reliable, clean solar power to keep the batteries charged for use day and night. The SolarZone is a perfect way to harness solar energy in an interactive and functional way that everyone can feel great about. Learn more about the Solar Zone Features and Specifications below.

Looking for a safe outdoor classroom solution?

The SolarZone is the perfect solar powered solution to social distance your students and charge devices.

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