Lumos Solar Celebrates Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day 2022

The Future Is Here

Combining cutting-edge technology with solar-powered solutions

Lumos Solar was founded in 2006 with the intention of building a business whose products and services would make a positive and lasting contribution to the world. Solar technology is proven and reliable and here today to make the transition to clean, renewable energy. Lumos is committed to facilitating the widespread adoption of solar energy and believe it is an imperative for the future health of our children and our planet.

As we look to find solutions to our climate crises and turn more to sustainable energy sources, Lumos is dedicated to designing innovative solar products that are functional and accessible to everyone with clean, renewable energy. The future is here ~

SolarZone – Solar Powered Charging Workstation

SolarZone charging workstation outside of office building with people working and charging mobile devices in downtown Denver, CO

The SolarZone, our solar-powered workstation which combines shaded seating with solar charging, is a perfect solution for wherever shaded seating and charging is needed – campuses, parking lots, picnic areas, sports fields, pools, food trucks, anywhere people are spending time and need a charge!
Featuring our LSX Module System, the SolarZone provides unlimited charging capacity when the sun is shining and has enough battery storage to keep the lights on and charging for over 8 hours after the sun goes down. Each SolarZone is ADA Compliant, comes in unlimited colors and includes (4) wireless chargers and (4) outlets for mobile device and laptop charging. The integrated lighting makes the SolarZone a great place to hang out into the evening. The lights can be programmed to turn on and off automatically based on whatever schedule you like with integrated Bluetooth data monitoring.

The SolarZone was selected as a winner of the Architectural Products Magazine 2020 Product Innovation Award (PIA) and is listed as one of the 2020 Top Solar Mounting Products – Carports/Canopy Systems in Solar Power World.

Solar Carports

Combining cutting-edge technology with solar-powered electric vehicle charging stations with Electrify America!

National Corvette Museum, Electrify America, Lumos Solar Powered EV Charging Stations by Night ~

Lumos Solar Powered EV Charging Stations at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY, courtesy of Electrify America! Combining cutting-edge technology with solar-powered electric vehicle charging stations is the way forward.

Lumos Solar has completed thousands of projects for businesses, institutions, municipalities, schools and residences across North America. Check out some of our amazing Projects