GSX BiFi Module System Updates for 2020

The GSX BiFi Module System has gotten a serious upgrade for the new year with two new additions to the GSX Rail family. Our new, patented GSX MD PE Rail allows seamless integration and concealment of power electronics inside the mounting rail for the cleanest, most durable installations.
























For projects requiring long spans, like the project shown below in Miami Bayfront Park, we have added GSX HD Rail for spans over 21′ in many locations.













The GSX Rail options are designed to maximize design flexibility to take advantage of the incredibly powerful GSX BiFi modules. The GSX BiFi family of modules include two different form factors – 72 cell and 60 cell – with a variety of cell spacing options to optimize light transmittance to meet your projects design goals. GSX BiFi modules feature concealed junction boxes and conductors, and can be easily sealed to create completely weatherproof arrays. The GSX BiFi Module System is the answer for overhead solar applications.