Welcome to the SolarZone charging and shade structure!

We just launched our new SolarZone product and the response has been overwhelmingly positive!  In our new social distancing world, the SolarZone charging and shade structure which combines shaded seating with solar charging is the ticket.  Featuring our LSX Module System, the SolarZone provides unlimited charging capacity when the sun is shining and has enough battery storage to keep the lights on and charging for over 8 hours after the sun goes down.

Kids sitting at SolarZone working on laptops and charing their mobile devicesPut multiple SolarZone’s together to create larger shaded areas. Ideal for outdoor classrooms, restaurant and cafe seating areas, picnic areas, sports fields, stadiums, golf courses, resorts, pools, food trucks, anywhere people are spending time and need a charge!

Multiple SolarZones in a contiguous arrayInstallation is super simple. The SolarZone ships complete in a single crate, requires no foundations or underground electrical work and does not require specialized electrical skills or tools.

The SolarZone charging and shade structure is a great way to add solar to almost any location in a functional and accessible way that can be appreciated by everyone!