SolarZone Solar Shade & Charging Structure

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our newest product – SolarZone Solar Charging Table. The SolarZone is a battery based, solar charging and shade structure that is perfect for any location where a comfortable seat in the shade and power to charge mobile devices and laptops would be appreciated. Perfect for universities, colleges, high schools, corporate campuses, cafes, restaurants, golf courses, soccer fields, stadiums, community spaces, etc. We are proud to announce that next year our SolarZones will be featured at Super Bowl LV and positioned around all of the major venues for the festivities, including the NFL Experience.

It is packed with features including (4) wireless mobile device charging stations, (4) 110V weatherproof outlets for laptop charging, Bluetooth programmable LED lighting and data monitoring. The SolarZone is available in unlimited colors, is ADA Compliant with optional bench seats and web based data monitoring.

The SolarZone is completely pre-fabricated and can be installed anywhere with no foundations or underground electrical required. The SolarZone electrical system is powered by our LSX Module System paired with electrical components from Victron Energy. The system is designed to provide reliable, clean solar power to keep the batteries charged for use day and night. The SolarZone is a perfect way to harness solar energy in an interactive and functional way that everyone can feel great about.