SolarZone Charging Has You Covered!

SolarZone Charging Has You Covered! The Lumos SolarZone promotes connectivity! Providing shade, weather protection, solar-powered device charging, Wi-Fi, and LED lighting, our versatile SolarZone has been updated with a streamlined, easy to install design with our cutting-edge Vision Module System. Eye-catching and functionality is not its only strength. The award winning Lumos SolarZone enhances any outdoor public space and is ideal for an off-grid solar system. Solar installers and design professionals looking for creative uses for urban design and architectural solar module solutions need look no further. The balance between function, aesthetics and durability is at the heart of our design process to bring the best solutions for clean energy solutions for the long term!

Why Lumos? Building on the success of LSX, we are stoked to announce the launch of our new Vision Module System already used in marquee solar installations across the country. The Vision Module System benefits from over 17 years of experience in designing, engineering and delivering architectural solar solutions.

“Lumos Solar is behind the design of the SolarZone charging and shade table. Their products have taken solar panels into the realm of art and architectural design, winning awards for their practical uses as well as aesthetic qualities.”

Quote by Neal Lurie, President of Resource Central, who is excited to be able to promote solar to community members visiting the Reuse facility in Boulder, CO. “In a sunny state like Colorado, solar not only makes sense, but it is an important part of the solution to our climate crisis.”The newly installed SolarZone solar charging picnic table not only provides shade and wireless phone charging, but also allows community members to connect and engage in the solar conversation”.

Lumos SolarZones are perfect for college campuses, municipal buildings, schools, parking lots, libraries, schools, parks, sports fields, or anywhere shade, charging, and connectivity are needed. #solartable. #solarchargingtable #communitysolar #climateresiliency #visionsolarpanels.

Lumos Vision Module System benefits from over 17 years of experience in designing, engineering, and delivering architectural solar solutions. This system, as well as our other module systems, are featured in corporate headquarters for many marquee companies like, PCNA (Porsche NA), Microsoft HQSV, Under Armor, Target with canopies, awnings, carports, on schools across the country and basically anywhere you can imagine!

Our Lumos Vision Module System is also seamlessly integrated into our other products like our award-winning SolarZone and our gorgeous, sleek SolarPort.

We are here to help with your next project. Whether you are adding the Vision Module System L-Type or S-Type to a new or existing structure, or using one of our prefabricated SolarScape structures to meet your projects’ goals, we have the products and experience to help you realize your solar dreams!