Under Armor Stadium Solar Canopy

The striking design of the Under Armor Stadium Solar Canopy is a testament to their commitment to create a state-of-the-art stadium at their world class headquarters. In the great city of Baltimore, Maryland, Under Armor built a facility for their gorgeous headquarters and to showcase sports action for everyone with sustainability as a core ingredient. Built… Read More

Free Fuel for Life with the SolarPort

Get “Free Fuel for Life with the Lumos SolarPort”! The SolarPort is a carport structure designed to provide all of the energy you need to charge your EV and provide protection from the elements at the same time! The super clean, timeless design of the SolarPort structure fits with any architecture and is powered by… Read More

Bechtel WaaTeeKaa Vision Solar Canopy

Global Engineering, Construction & Project Management company, Bechtel, created this unique solar structure for their historical WaaTeeKaa train with our Vision Module System, in Reston, VA. As part of their 125th anniversary celebrations, WaaTeeKaa has been reimagined, and reopened as Bechtel’s company museum at their headquarters. Visitors can experience interactive exhibits including highlights of past… Read More

Lumos SolarZone Promotes Connectivity

Lumos SolarZone Promotes Connectivity at Resource Central in Boulder, CO! When Resource Central came to us to help with their efforts to increase interactive sustainability on their campus we were beyond thrilled and jumped at the opportunity! Our SolarZone offers shade, weather protection, solar-powered device charging, Wi-Fi, and LED lighting to visitors at Resource Central… Read More

Solar-Powered Outdoor Spaces on Campuses

Solar-powered outdoor spaces on campuses are the wave of the future and are here to stay! As more and more schools across the country transition to solar power, the need for innovative solar solutions that are functional and can withstand extreme weather events is more important than ever. According to the 2022 “Brighter Future” report,… Read More

Building Climate Resiliency with the Solar Power Tax Credit

Building Climate Resiliency with the Solar Power Tax Credit Lumos Solar is committed to facilitating the widespread adoption of solar energy by designing innovative and functional solar products that meet the challenges of climate change and promote sustainability in our communities. Faced with the recent extreme weather events, building climate resiliency has become as crucial… Read More

The Future is Here, Lumos Solar Powered EV Charging Stations!

Lumos Solar Powered EV Charging Stations make a sleek entrance at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY, courtesy of Electrify America! Combining cutting-edge technology with solar-powered electric vehicle charging stations is the way forward. As we look to find solutions to our climate crises and turn more to sustainable energy sources, what a… Read More

Beautiful Architectural Entrances Made with Lumos Solar!

First impressions matter. Like windows to the soul, beautiful architectural entrances made with Lumos Solar, create powerful connections. The architectural entrances we have had the opportunity to supply our products and designs for are built to be aesthetic and functional, and offer resiliency. We are so honored and grateful to have been selected to grace… Read More

Beautiful Solar Carports Ideal for Shade & Clean Energy Production!

Beautiful solar carports are solid investments for businesses, municipalities, schools, and anywhere shade and clean energy production is needed and valued. Lumos offers premium carport solutions when aesthetics are also considered, as we have designed and engineered our carports to be beautiful and of the highest optimization for all kinds of weather. We also have… Read More

Lumos Solar Canopies Have You Covered!

Lumos Solar Canopies & Structures are powering K-12 Schools, Colleges, & Campuses with innovative, cutting-edge solar designs while also providing essential coverage! Ideal for outdoor classrooms or anywhere shade and charging is needed – student centers, entrances, parking lots, libraries, cafes, sports fields, and more. Lumos Solar canopies, awnings, and structures are helping K-12 schools, colleges, universities & corporate campuses transition to… Read More