Modular, Prefabricated Solar Structures = SolarScapes!

SolarScapes are modular, prefabricated solar structures for the LSX Module System.SolarScapes are available in a range of configurations including Low Side Cantilever, High Side Cantilever, Dual Support and T Support. SolarScapes are extremely versatile and have been used as backyard patio and pool covers, carports, covered picnic areas, and so much more. SolarScapes are a perfect way to incorporate solar into existing architecture in a functional and aesthetic way.

SolarScapes are super easy. Lumos works with you to create the perfect design for your space. The SolarScapes package includes modules, mounting rails, structure, assembly hardware, wet stamped engineering package and installation manual. All you need to provide is the foundation, based on our engineered drawings, and the electrical balance of system. When everything arrives on site, your SolarScapes structure is ready to stand up and bolt together with no field cutting, drilling or welding. SolarScapes are the easiest way to create beautiful, robust solar structures anywhere!