SolarScape Outdoor Workspace

Our friends at Third Sun Solar recently completed this great-looking SolarScape outdoor workspace for a consumer goods corporation in Cincinnati, Ohio. The client was looking to provide shaded, outdoor workspaces for employees, clients, and guests to take meetings and work outside while enjoying fresh air and nature. The client was so happy with the results of this SolarScape Outdoor Workspace at their headquarters they will be installing them on campuses all over the world!

“A great example of how architectural solar solutions can be used to create functional and aesthetic outdoor workspace that people can interact with and enjoy everyday”

The project features a Classic SolarScape with our LSX Module System to create a super clean, cantilevered solar canopy. The structure includes integrated charging outlets, fans, and lighting to create a robust package for this SolarScape Outdoor Workspace.

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Check out our latest award-winning, standalone solar charging workstations, the SolarZone!

Solar Charging Table in town center in front of a restaurant with people sitting at benches and talking while working on computers and charging devices.
The SolarZone, our solar powered workstation which combines shaded seating with solar charging, is a perfect solution for wherever shaded seating and charging is needed – campuses, parking lots, picnic areas, sports fields, pools, food trucks, anywhere people are spending time and need a charge!
Featuring our LSX Module System, the SolarZone provides unlimited charging capacity when the sun is shining and has enough battery storage to keep the lights on and charging for over 8 hours after the sun goes down.

Each SolarZone is ADA Compliant, comes in unlimited colors and includes (4) wireless chargers and (4) outlets for mobile device and laptop charging with enough battery storage for 8 hours of laptop charging, 4 hours of wireless mobile device charging and can keep the lights on for over 8 hours. The integrated lighting makes the SolarZone a great place to hang out into the evening. The lights can be programmed to turn on and off automatically based on whatever schedule you like with integrated Bluetooth data monitoring.

The SolarZone was selected as a winner of the Architectural Products Magazine  2020 Product Innovation Award (PIA) and is listed as one of the 2020 Top Solar Mounting Products – Carports/Canopy Systems in Solar Power World.