Lumos Solar + EV Charging

Lumos Solar + EV Charging is a game changer.  Imagine having your own gas pump where you can fill your tank every day with fresh, clean renewable solar energy! We are in the middle of a paradigm shift towards widespread adoption of renewable energy with the passage of the landmark Inflation Reduction Act. This historic legislation will accelerate the transition to electric vehicles and the push toward a clean energy future. Lumos Solar is uniquely positioned to support this tectonic shift with our unique products and experience delivering solutions for overhead applications such as solar carports, canopies, charging stations, awnings, and SolarScapes.


Start everyday with a full tank of sunshine


Our SolarScapes structural system is perfect for creating a weatherproof, overhead solar structure that provides sustainable power and shade. SolarScapes also protect your EV investments from hail, sun damage and overheating, while adding coverage from rain and snow.

Whether you are adding our Vision Module System or LSX Module System to a new or existing structure, or to our prefabricated SolarScape structures to meet your projects’ goals, we have what it takes to help you realize your solar dreams!

Lumos Solar panels and structures have been installed in all of the major national charging networks including EVgoChargepoint, and Electrify America. With the combination of the newly renewed and increased Federal Investment Tax Credit, there has never been a better time to invest in your energy independence. Start everyday with a full tank of sunshine with Lumos Solar!