Solar Covered Walkways & Canopies Power NeoCity Academy

NeoCity Academy, located in Kissimmee, is Florida’s first Net-Zero Energy K-12 School. In alignment with the school’s sustainability goals, the school integrated a unique, curved LSX solar canopy for food trucks in front of the school as well as solar covered walkways to access the school and a large solar canopy over the outdoor seating area. This beautiful project was designed by Little Architects, and installed by the solar experts at, 15 Light Years. These architectural solar covered walkways and canopies using our LSX frameless solar panels create the perfect balance of functionality and sustainability. Lumos’ award-winning LSX Module System integrates our LSX Frameless Solar Modules with the LSX Rail System resulting in unparalleled aesthetics and functionality.

Aerial View of Custom LSX Solar Canopy Structure built over sidewalk and lawn with people walking nearby.

Custom LSX Walkway & Canopy Structures | NeoCity Academy | Kissimmee, Florida

Our architectural solar canopies have been used by schools, colleges, and university campuses across North America to provide shade, a gathering place, and provide clean energy with solar power to reduce energy costs and help schools meet their climate goals.

Lumos Solar has helped create many unique solar projects, including solar awnings, solar facades, solar bus stops, covered solar walkways and canopies partnering with educational institutions across the United States and Canada including San Diego State University  University of UtahUniversity of Alberta, Hawai’i Preparatory Academy,  Nueva High School,  Colorado College, Lower Columbia College, and the University of California Irvine.

Make sure to check our latest product, the SolarZone, a solar charging station perfect for outside classrooms and workspaces featuring the LSX Module System, offering shade and weatherproof solar panels.