Prepped for the summer sun with dueling SolarScapes

Pre-fabricated, modular SolarScapes were the perfect compliment for this beautiful Palm Springs, California home. Hot Purple Energy installed the two SolarScapes to provide shade for those enjoying the pool on a hot summer day and provide clean electricity to keep the home cool. “Normally Hot Purple Energy would design a customized structure for such an… Read More

New HQ for Wake Electric in North Carolina features LSX

Prominently displayed in front of the new headquarters for Wake Electric is an array of LSXmodules featured on Spotlight Solar‘s latest product: Industry. These intriguing 14-foot-tall solar structures were installed by PowerSecure Solar. Modules: (24) LSX 250 clear backsheet Racking: LSX Direct Mount Read more about this Project Spotlight: Innovative Architectural Solar at Wake Electric’s New Headquarters

LSX makes a comfortable, green fit in Comfort, Texas

Designed by David Heymann and installed by Lighthouse Solar Austin, this large residential LSX solar carport makes a perfect addition to a home in Comfort, Texas. Modules: (56) LSX 250 clear backsheet Racking: LSX Rail 1.0 and custom carport structure

100-year-old historic bank achieves LEED Platinum with LSX

The nearly 100 year old Farmer’s Bank building of Carson Valley, Nevada, headquarters for Bentley Enterprises, completed subtle renovations to achieve Platinum LEED without altering the appearance or architecture of the historic building. Among the external renovations is a “top hat” of LSX solar modules, designed by NicholsBooth Architects and installed by United Electrical Services, Inc. Modules: (120) LSX 250 clear backsheet Racking: LSX Rail… Read More

LSX curtain wall takes modern condo to the next level

Designed by Tres Birds Workshop and installed by AAE Solar, the Lumina mixed-use apartment complex is masterful blend of Mediterranean and Modern architecture with an integrated LSX curtain wall providing solar generated electricity. Modules: (83) LSX 250 clear backsheet Racking: LSX Rail 1.0 Additional featured articles about this installation: Vertical solar panels come to Denver in time for Earth Day Lumina apartment building honors Denver restaurant… Read More

LSX expresses the values of Iggy’s Bread

Designed and installed by Transformations, Inc., Iggy’s Bread in Cambridge, MA is powered by their custom LSX solar carport array. Located at the entrance of the bakery, the multifunctional array communicates the company’s values of “…caring for the people and the planet…”. Modules: (186) LSX 250 clear backsheet Racking: LSX Rail 1.0 and custom carport structure

Bay Area high school started the school year powered with LSX

Fall 2014, the start of the school year and opening of a new Bay Area high school campus. In alignment with the school’s sustainability goals, the school integrated a beautiful LSX solar awning providing for 30% of the current campus’ electricity needs. Leddy Maytum Stacy Architects designed a student centric campus that gives the students an educational environment… Read More

LSX inspires a “cohesive ensemble” of solar

Designed and installed by LA Green Building to integrate LSX frameless solar panels “into an entire property and make it a cohesive ensemble.” The design divided the array into 3 synergistic parts: (3) modules on the front porch (16) modules over the back patio (6) modules as the awning around the back patio Modules: (25) LSX 190 clear backsheet Racking: LSX Rail and custom… Read More

Outdoor living space on Bermuda is enhanced with LSX

Photographs provided by Solar Bermuda. Designed and installed by Solar Bermuda, this LSX solar canopy with SolarEdge DC optimizers is a beautiful enhancement to the Pond Outdoor Living Space on Bermuda. Modules: (20) LSX 250 clear backsheet Racking: LSX Rail and custom canopy structure Photographs provided by Solar Bermuda. Photographs provided by Solar Bermuda.  

Functional deck canopy with LSX and Enphase Micro Inverters

Photographs provided by Microgrid Solar. Designed and installed by Microgrid Solar, this beautiful LSX solar deck canopy utilizes Enphase Micro Inverters. Modules: (20) LSX 240 clear backsheet Racking: LSX Rail and custom deck canopy structure Photographs provided by Microgrid Solar. Photographs provided by Microgrid Solar.