Tacos, Tequila and LSX…a perfect afternoon

October 7, 2015 – Located on the eastern tip of the man-made peninsula of Harbor Island in San Diego, CA is the new and vibrant restaurant of Coasterra. The restaurant has a perfect view of San Diego, highlighting the water, natural topography, and skyline. To encourage diners to take advantage of the beautiful scenery and weather, two-thirds of the restaurant is setup for outdoor seating; diners can select from seated dining or an open bar area with comfortable couches.

Keeping diners shaded from the hot sun and dry from any rain, the outdoor seating is covered by a 121kW custom LSX solar canopy array installed by HMT Electric Solar. The array creates a unique, shaded environment for diners, because clear LSX modules allow ambient light through, much the way that light is filtered through tree leaves.

The restaurant, constructed by Swinerton Builders, has been an 8-year labor of love for Cohn Restaurant Group and Sunroad Enterprises. Designed by the late Graham Downes, who tragically died a few years ago, the restaurant reflects a mid-century indoor-outdoor space with pieces and inspirations from Mexico and features massive abstract murals from local artist Rafael Lopez.

The next time you visit San Diego, Coasterra is definitely worth a stop for their wonderful Mexican food, delightful tequilas and margaritas, beautiful view of San Diego, and, of course, their stunning LSX solar canopy.

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