Lighthouse Solar is getting off the Solarcoaster

Lighthouse Solar Boulder is getting out of the installation business in Colorado

July 17, 2014

Boulder, CO

Lighthouse Solar, a Boulder, Colorado based solar installation business, announced today that it is getting out of the installation business in Colorado. Market conditions created by Xcel Energy and the PUC have made operating in Colorado too difficult and unpredictable to do business. In contrast, Lighthouse Solar has two additional installation offices that are extremely busy in Austin, Texas and New Paltz, New York.

Lighthouse Solar has been installing solar since 2006. In 2013, the company installed the largest rooftop system in Colorado, 1.2MW on the Flatirons Crossing Mall. Last year, the company completed over 7MW of installations, employing over 40 full-time employees and over 100 people including sub-contractors. The company is shifting its focus to its Lumos brand of solar products and has reduced its workforce down to 15 full-time employees based on the fact that only 7MW of commercial solar projects will be completed in the entire state in 2014.

Lighthouse Solar was established with the mission to facilitate the use of solar energy. It is deeply disappointing that the only thing standing between us and the enormous demand for solar energy in our home state is Xcel Energy, a state sanctioned monopoly, and the PUC. Colorado should be a global leader in solar energy. We have over 300 days of high altitude sunshine a year; we have an incredibly progressive population that is concerned about the environment and climate change, yet instead we are going backwards. Since Hickenlooper took office, we have dropped from being ranked 3rd Nationally to 10th in terms of solar adoption – behind states like New Jersey and Massachusetts.

— Scott Franklin, CEO/President of Lumos Solar

Despite the enormous hurdles Xcel Energy and the PUC have placed in front of Colorado’s solar industry, fortunately for the company, their Lumos business is thriving. With strong sales across the country, Lumos has grown to become a national brand, selling its solar products throughout North America. Starting in 2015 the company will start distribution in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

About Lighthouse Solar

Lighthouse Solar is a full-service solar services company offering a total solar solution from engineering, procurement and construction to project financing and long-term operations and maintenance. We want to help you be part of the solution to America’s energy needs. Our team of experienced solar professionals guarantees that all aspects of your system will be engineered and built to the highest industry standards of quality and precision. Our goal is to exceed your expectations. Visit for more information.

About Lumos Solar

Lumos Solar is a design-centric company and market leader in functional and aesthetic solar products. Lumos solutions are changing people’s perception of solar from an unattractive electrical appliance to a functional design element. Lumos products are stronger, faster, and better looking than the competition, while our attentive sales and customer service team strive to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations. Lumos is the art of solar. Visit for more information.

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