PARTY with a SolarScape in Louisiana

High-Side configured SolarScape is decorated for a summer party

According to NREL’s daily solar radiation map, Louisiana gets nearly as much solar radiation as Florida. Unfortunately, the proliferation of solar has not been as remarkable or as supported in Louisiana as it has been in Florida. However, the limited number of incentives did not deter a Slidell, LA family from installing a SolarScapes patio cover that can generate over 3,000kWh/year of clean electricity for their home.

Located near the southeast border of Louisiana, Slidell is a beautiful city of 27,000 residents with a rich history. Slidell is a short 40-minute drive to New Orleans, making it an attractive area for those working in New Orleans to settle. The short distance allows residents easy access to specialized services in the New Orleans, such as solar installation. The family in Slidell was not only determined to install solar, but they were also conscious of the appearance of their system. The family reached out to Lumos Solar because of the aesthetic appearance of the SolarScapes structure with LSX panels. Lumos put the family in contact with Linear Solar INC, a Certified Installer of Lumos products, to install the system for the family.

SolarScapes were introduced in early 2013 to provide a pre-engineered, convenient, total solution for overhead applications of solar.

“Lumos provided a (very) thorough permit set, that we had no problem (submitting for) permitting. Installation plans were complete and although this was our first Lumos SolarScape, the installation was smooth.”

— Nicolai Alatzas of Linear Solar INC.

Project Spotlight Specs:

  • Location: Slidell, LA
  • System Size: 2.88kW
  • Modules: (12) LSX250 Series, 240W clear backsheet modules
  • Installation Type: SolarScapes Patio Cover