Library + LSX = inspired young minds

Pico Rivera Library sports a brand new custom LSX solar canopy

October 7, 2014 – Historically, the presence of a library in a society is often considered an essential part of having an educated and literate population. And while that remains true, a library is also pivotal to our imagination and our future. It’s not only the books within that provide the creative environment that inspire current and future generations; it is also the look and feel of the library itself.

When the City and County of Los Angeles, CA decided to rebuild the Pico Rivera Public Library, originally build in 1961, the design took into account achieving LEED Gold Rating while creating an architecturally inspiring building. To achieve the LEED Gold Rating, Erik Mar of Carde Ten Architects, integrated solar as a canopy over the front courtyard. Praxis Solar was selected as the solar installer for this project and had to meet the requirement that the solar canopy maintain an open, airy feeling over the courtyard, while providing cover from the elements.

To maintain that open courtyard experience, clear frameless modules were needed. But it was the need to weatherproof the array that proved the greatest challenge. Only Lumos LSX modules easily met both requirements. LSX clear backsheet modules allow 12% ambient light to filter through, much like how sunlight is filtered through the leaves of a tree. Also, because of the patented through-bolt mounting method of the LSX Module System, modules are mounted with an easy to seal ¼-inch gap between modules. Using LSX Seal, Praxis Solar was able to make the array weatherproof, protecting visitors from unexpected weather.

The newly built library is a beacon of architecture and environmental sustainability. Celebrated by the community on its opening day, it will be a focal point for the present and future. 

Project Spotlight Specs:

  • Location: Pico Rivera, CA
  • System Size: 7.92kW
  • Modules: (33) LSX 240W clear backsheet modules
  • Installation Type: Custom solar canopy
  • Installer: Praxis Solar, Inc.