History harmonizes with solar in Norwell, MA

Historical Barn transformed with LSX solar modules

First settled in 1628, the town of Norwell, MA is one of the first settlements in the U.S. Few cities and towns can claim that level of history, let alone still have buildings standing from that time period. Adding modern touches, such as solar, to such buildings are often difficult because, as the buildings are historic landmarks, an owner is significantly limited in the changes they can make to the exterior of the building.

For a family in Norwell, MA, their historic barn was a perfect location for solar. Un-shaded and south facing, the family could greatly benefit from the addition of solar. Transformations, Inc. was contacted to add solar to this beautiful historic barn while ensuring the barn retained its appearance. Because using a lower profile, frameless solar module was the best solution; Transformations contacted Lumos for its LSX frameless solar panels.

Colby Vancauwelaert, the Lumos Eastern Regional Sales Manager, worked with Transformations from the beginning of the project to the end. Because he understood the significance of blending the solar panels into the barn, Colby suggested the use of black backsheet LSX which would create a much more uniform looking surface, thus blending into the architecture of the barn. The collaborative efforts of Lumos and Transformations have allowed a piece of U.S. history and modern solar to meet in perfect harmony.

Project Spotlight Specs:

  • Location: Norwell, MA
  • System Size: 9.6kW
  • Modules: (40) LSX 240W black backsheet modules
  • Installation Type: Roof Mounted
  • Installer: Transformations, Inc.