Solar-powered transit shelter, the SolarStop, has arrived!

The wait is over and the SolarStop from Lumos has arrived. Our newest product is a freestanding, solar-powered transit shelter equipped with integrated LED lighting and wireless mobile device chargers. This cutting-edge modern, aluminum solar-powered structure is topped off with our bifacial GSX Module System, providing shade and protection from the elements while also producing more than enough energy to keep the batteries fully charged with clean and sustainable solar power! The SolarStop is perfect for meeting the needs of our on-the-go population.

The base configuration includes:

  • SolarStop powder-coated, bolt-together aluminum structure
  • GSX BiFi Solar Module System Roof
  • Power Bench with (3) wireless mobile device chargers, from the battery and off-grid solar components
  • Bluetooth programmable LED lighting
  • (3) Full Height Laminated Safety Glass Panels

Easy to add options include:

  • Up to (6) additional Full Height Laminated Safety Glass Panels
  • Backlit Map Sign
  • Double-Sided Full Height Lightbox
  • Wifi Hot Spot integration

The SolarStop is the answer to update existing transit shelters or adding new ones into the upcoming electric transit ecosystem. Easily installed in less than a day, the SolarStop does not require foundations or underground electrical connection, yet provides free, solar energy for charging mobile devices, which will be stored in the SolarStop’s bench 24/7. For urban planners, the Lumos SolarStop is a contemporary, integrated transit shelter that helps meet sustainability and clean energy goals.  The SolarStop works anywhere across the country and is ideal for bus stops, light rail, train stations, airports, schools, colleges, and corporate campuses.

Adding to our product catalog, the SolarStop, goes hand in hand with our SolarZone to create free-standing clean energy hubs for school, work, and recreation! As we move into our new energy economy, Lumos is here to provide beautiful, efficient solar energy structures.

For more information and a detailed quote, call 303 449 2394 or email or fill out the inquiry form here.