Lumos LSX Solar Awnings on College Campuses

Lower Columbia College’s new LEED Silver certified Heath and Science building sports two LSX awnings

Established in 1934, Lower Columbia College (LCC) is a community college located in Longview, Washington. In May 2014, LCC received an Economic Development Administration (EDA) matching grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce to provide equipment for LCC’s new Health and Science Building. The 70,000 sqft, 3-story brick facility will house nursing and allied health; earth science; environment and ecological science labs; chemistry, biology and physics labs, and a 140-seat lecture hall. The new building will be LEED Silver certified and will feature a partial green roof, a rain garden irrigation system, and solar panels including two LSX awnings.











To install the solar portion of this inspiring project, LCC contracted GC Solar, headquartered in Bellevue, WA. GC Solar focuses on “reducing greenhouse gas signatures to help relieve global warming, reduce or eliminate electrical bills using available renewable energy, and reduce consumption of natural gas, coal and oil.”

3 types of solar panels were used for this project. But for the most visible portions, two enormous solar awnings, Lumos LSX were selected. Both awnings are extensions of the roof and are mounted approximately 30 feet from the ground. Custom designed to match the building’s architecture; the LSX solar awnings will be the visible expression of the efforts made to make the building LEED Silver certified. The first awning will overlook the main entry, making it very easily visible to all walking into the building. The second awning faces a main street where pedestrians and drivers alike will be able to see the efforts being made by LCC.

For additional photos of the LCC new building and the solar arrays, visit the LCC photo album of the construction.

Project Spotlight Specs:

  • Location: Longview, WA
  • System Size: 43.0kW
  • Modules: (172) LSX250 Series, 250W clear backsheet modules
  • Installation Type: Solar awning

Solar Structures, Canopies and Awnings on K-12 Schools, College and University Campuses

Lumos Solar has partnered on more than 20 school, college and university Solar Canopy System projects across the United States and Canada including Neo City Academy, San Diego State University  University of UtahUniversity of Alberta, Hawai’i Preparatory Academy,  Nueva High School  Colorado College,Lower Columbia College and University of California Irvine.