Not a roof or overhead array, where do you think LSX was installed?

Giving this Colorado home a truly unique LSX experience

Colorado is a state filled with picturesque locations. Few places in Colorado are as well known, or filled with as much natural beauty as Aspen, Colorado. Founded in the 1880s during the Colorado silver boom, the city was later named Aspen due to the abundance of aspen trees in the area. The city prospered during its first decade of existence, but with the collapse of the silver market, the city steadily declined until the mid-20th century when Aspen Mountain was developed into a ski resort. Today, Aspen boasts the most expensive real estate prices in the United States and is a popular tourist destination with outdoor recreation all year round.

Residents of Aspen are environmentally conscious and strive to maintain the balance of modern architecture and the natural beauty of their city. Some residents have turned to solar to help reduce their environmental impact. Active Energies, a solar installer in Midturn, CO designed and installed a combination of solar thermal and solar PV for a residence in Aspen, CO. While the solar thermal is roof mounted, the solar PV took on a rather unique twist.

To meet the unique, architectural desire of Aspen homeowner, Active Energies reached out to Lumos for LSX solar modules. (15) LSX200 Series modules were arranged to become a part of the roof’s top deck railing.

“The Lumos frameless panels provide us with a new type of panel with superior aesthetics that we haven’t had access to before.”

— Active Energies

Project Spotlight Specs:

  • Location: Aspen, CO
  • System Size: 2.85kW
  • Modules: (15) LSX200 Series, 190W clear backsheet modules
  • Installation Type: BIPV – deck railing