SolarScapes state-of-the-art solar structures

Lumos SolarScapes structures provide solar installers and design professionals unmatched ease and flexibility to create the best looking solar shade structures to fit their unique project needs.  Whether you are looking for a solar carport, solar EV charging station, solar canopy, solar awning or any solar shade structure that you can imagine, SolarScapes are the answer.  All you need to do is tell us where the project is located, what area you are looking to cover, and whether you want to use the GSX Module System or LSX Module System and we take care of the rest.

SolarScapes combine state-of-the-art design and engineering with precision manufacturing to provide complete turn key solutions for the most demanding solar projects.

SolarScapes prefabricated structures seamlessly integrate our GSX Module System or LSX Module System for unmatched functionality and aesthetics.  SolarScapes are the answer for complete, turn key package delivered directly to your job site, including prefabricated structures available in powder coated aluminum or steel, GSX Module System or LSX Module System , wet stamped permit package, foundation design and LED lighting.

When your project demands a cutting edge solution, Lumos SolarScapes are the answer.