Interurban Hotel in Seattle installs a stylish and functional GSX port-cochère

The Interurban Hotel in Seattle, Washington installed a very stylish and functional solar port-cochère over the hotel’s main entrance using Lumos Solar GSX Bifacial modules.  Solterra Solar selected Lumos because of our proven track record and experience helping installers getting complicated projects done. The key requirements were keeping the rain off of guests as they check-in and generating clean, renewable energy at the same time.  Mission accomplished.

“Solterra chose Lumos Solar’s GSX System for its superior aesthetics, bifacial performance and weatherproofing. The hotel was designed with a focus on technology and innovation, so including solar was a natural progression. The off-the-shelf architectural solar solution was the perfect match for this modern hotel’s porte-cochère. GSX allowed Solterra to easily integrate solar into the design which will elevate the hotel’s guest experience for decades to come. “Aimee Carpenter, CEO Solterra