Appalshop invests in the future with an LSX pavillion

Appalshop of Whitesburg, Kentucky is investing in the future of the coalfields by leading the transition to clean, renewable energy with a highly visible and functional, custom LSX pavillion.

We are so proud and grateful to be a part of one of the largest net metered solar systems in Kentucky. With a freestanding LSX Solar Pavillion designed by Bill Richardson of Richardson Associates Architects, and a roof mounted solar system across the street both installed by Solar Energy Solutions, Appalshop is generating almost all of their own energy usage and demonstrating what’s possible in the coalfields.  Appalshop is committed to leading by example and showing why solar can be a key part of the economic future for the region as they said so perfectly here:

“The last reason we invested in a net-metered renewable energy system is because of our conviction that it represents a future for our region. We see solar as a powerful economic engine in Eastern Kentucky, and we want to pave the way for our neighbors to explore work weatherizing homes and businesses, installing efficiency measures, and constructing systems like ours. We believe it’s almost impossible to be what you can’t see, so to demonstrate what a renewable energy system is — how it works, what its benefits are — we built one.”

Beautiful images of the solar pavillion provided by Oakley Fugate and Willa Johnson.