LSX + modern design results in award winning LEED Platinum project

Solar has the unfortunate reputation of having an industrial appearance. Most solar arrays are hidden away with visitors unaware of their existence. However, by utilizing Lumos LSX frameless solar panels architects and installation partners, such as domusstudio architecture and Adroit Solar in San Diego, CA, have come up with designs that highlight solar as an integral part of a building.

The combined efforts of domusstudio architecture, Adroit Solar and Hill Construction Company has resulted in an award winning home in La Jolla, CA. Home to a family living an “eco-conscious lifestyle”, this 2,700-sqft contemporary home is certified as a LEED Platinum project. The home’s upper deck awning is composed of (11) LSX solar panels, providing shade for the deck and the interior’s large windows and renewable energy for the home. Easily visible, the panels have added an additional architectural touch to this beautiful home.

The home was awarded a 2014 Golden Nugget for the best custom home under 4,000-sqft west of Utah and a Platinum 2015 Best in American Living Award in the category of Best One-of-a-Kind Home under 4,000-sqft, Clean Living. The home has also been featured in Dwell Magazine, California Homes Magazine, and USGBC 2014 Green Homes Tour.

Project Spotlight Specs: