LSX “pops-up” on Eyeboogie solar awning

Eyeboogie’s LSX solar awning shows off snarky sensibility

Thinking beyond of the obvious is what has made Eyeboogie such a success. In 1996, Eyeboogie got its start by creating Pop-Up video for VH1. Officially incorporated in 2000 by owner, Woody Thompson, this multimedia company originated in New York before making its home in Los Angeles in 2003, bringing with it a snarky sensibility that made the VH1 pop-up videos such a phenomenon. With over 14 years of experience, the company produces original and award winning content for TV, web, mobile, iPads, etc., for well known companies such as Microsoft, Google, NBC, Comcast, etc.

Even with all the solar being installed in California, the integration of a custom solar awning into the new Eyeboogie headquarters in Echo Park is an innovative idea. Solar systems are still most often installed on a roof, hidden from sight. To put a system that is easily visible at their 12,000sqft production space is a bold statement of the company’s green initiatives.

Designed and installed by SunGreen Systems of Irwindale, CA, the Eyeboogie system serves multiple purposes – shade, visual appeal and power generation. Utilizing (14) Lumos LSX250 Series frameless modules, the solar awning is architecturally eye catching. With their clear backsheet, the LSX modules allow ambient sunlight to filter through, giving the awning an open, airy feeling. The 3.5kW system is capable of generating 5,000kWh/year, which is equivalent to 3.4MT of CO2.

Project Spotlight Specs:

  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • System Size: 3.5kW
  • Modules: (14) LSX250 Series, 250W clear backsheet modules
  • Installation Type: Custom solar awning