Clean energy's most versatile design. Innovating overhead applications of solar for homes and businesses.

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SolarScapes LSX Seal
SolarScapes LSXSeal


SolarScapes: Canopies, Awnings & Carports

Building on the design that won Dwell on Design’s Best Energy Product in 2012, Lumos Solar has begun shipping their most versatile product:

Lumos SolarScapes – modular and customizable solar structures that bridge the worlds of function and design.  Perfect for patio covers, pool awnings, carports, walkways, bus stops and commercial overhead applications – the design possibilities are as endless as the imagination.


Featuring the award-winning LSX Frameless Module System, Lumos SolarScapes provide an aesthetic and architectural solution for shade and renewable energy. 

Lumos SolarScapes integrate into any environment – from residential applications to large-scale commercial sites.  With cantilevered design and versatile customization, Lumos SolarScapes add the value of solar without compromising aesthetics.   

By flawlessly integrating the function of solar energy into versatile designs, Lumos SolarScapes allow renewable energy to be integrated into everyday life in entirely new ways.


Lumos SolarScapes have the following features:

  • Fully cantilevered, t-construction, or dual post supports available
  • Fixed 7.5 degree tilt
  • LSX Frameless Module System
  • Up to 20 ft spans*
  • Site specific modular design*

Options upon request:

  • Site specific foundation design
  • Higher capacity wind, snow and seismic options available*
  • Overhead sealed options available with LSX Seal
  • Optional wood cladding package - FSC Certified Accoya Wood Cladding featuring a 50 year Manufacturer's Warranty

*Site Specific and Design Styles Dictate the Maximum Value Options Available


LSX Seal

The LSX Seal can be used enhance the weather resistance of the SolarScapes. Because of its frameless, through-bolted design, LSX is poised for a perfect integration with this weather resistant solution. 

The LSX Seal is a flexible sealant that adheres directly to the top of the solar panel and seals the gaps that are formed between the modules during installation. The sealant has a UV stable backing and creates a weather resistant barrier with no additional sealing required. 

The LSX Seal is available in Black.