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Shawn Schreiner
True South Solar

"I had my last inspection today, the inspectors gushed over the system. They were blown away. They loved the appearance and the wire management aspects of the system. Seriously they freaked."

"I racked the whole thing in about 10 hours almost unassisted.  I couldn't have done that with framed panels, not even close. It really is a uniquely badass looking array"

Colin Roberts
Real Goods Solar

"Well, I’m happy to report that the Installation Crews love the Lumos X-Flash. It is a much better alternative to the UniRac L-Foot Slider"

Marc Lopata
Microgrid Energy

"The LSX is a stunning module perfect for those high visibility show-off installations. Wire management that can be difficult in architectural applications  is a non-issue using their rail sets. The secure mounting hardware not only gives us piece of mind, but it looks better than a clunky mid clamp. Their performance has been right up to par, so we're happy, the owner is happy, and the architect is happy. "

Steve Barker CEO
Walker Solar Products, LLC

"I want to cover the earth with them. Not all the earth, just the bits where the sun shines. They look more like tempered smoked glass sculptures than PV Modules."

"My crew that is doing the Lumos install are now spoiled. They are refusing to use anything but Lumos :-)  When they found out it also comes with perforations already in the racking, they threatened to fire me for not ordering it that way."

Brandon Anderson
SolarOne SW

"Saweeeet! Our first LSX…love it! Love it!"




Creede Hargraves, VP Operations
Zetrec Energy Solutions

"Love these X-Flash…they rock!"

Anthony Regino
CDI Technology Services

"Customer loved it… and the city of San Antonio Inspector wants one for his home."




Bret Heilig
Fiveboro Solar

"I've been using it exclusively since I started my business….I am definitely a PowerMount enthusiast."

David Vonesch
SkyFire Energy Inc.

"We recently received our LSX clear backsheet module and it looks great!"

Mark Dimon
Lighthouse Solar Jersey Shore

"I was in Boulder visiting Lumos, discussing projects.  Chris was setting up for the San Francisco show. On the display were traditional framed modules next to LSX 200's. I  settled on the material needed for a small job and left.  No sooner to the airport that I was on the phone changing my order to LSX's. Because of the mirror look of the glass, people don't realize that it's solar the first few times they see it."

James Peck
The Sun Energy Group

"Art that makes you money"