Bay Area high school started the school year powered with LSX

Fall 2014, the start of the school year and opening of a new Bay Area high school campus. In alignment with the school’s sustainability goals, the school integrated a beautiful LSX solar awning providing for 30% of the current campus’ electricity needs.

Leddy Maytum Stacy Architects designed a student centric campus that gives the students an educational environment that is visually and architecturally stimulating while keeping sustainability in mind. Solar was an extremely important aspect of the project and keeping in mind that the array needed to combine solar generation with architectural inspiration, LMS Architects turned to Lumos and our LSX Frameless Module System and Luminalt, a locally owned and operated solar designer and installer, to help integrate solar into the campus’ design. LSX modules with their unique through-bolt mounting system allowed the architects to integrate solar modules into a stunning, asymmetrical awning structure, creating shade for the building and a visually striking design element.

Project Spotlight Specs: