LSX Frameless Solar Modules

LSX is the revolutionary frameless solar module design that has bridged the gap between architecture and energy

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Lumos LSX250 Series Modules (Gen 2)


Steve Barker CEO
Walker Solar Products, LLC

"I want to cover the earth with them. Not all the earth, just the bits where the sun shines. They look more like tempered smoked glass sculptures than PV Modules."

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LSX is the art of solar. Our award-winning LSX frameless glass modules easily integrate into any design, adding value and complementing the most exacting architectural demands.

Key design features of LSX include:

  • Frameless and low Profile – The low profile nature of our modules (6mm thick glass) sets them apart from any other module on the market.
  • Integrated Wireway – Wire management is easy and no longer an issue when aesthetics are a top priority.
  • Weatherproofing – LSX Seal has been developed to seal the modules from the elements and provide a solution that will last the life of the installation.
  • Integrated Rail SystemLSX Rail can be fastened to virtually any structure without any additional sub components.

This systems approach to solar provides the following features and benefits.


LSX Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
Frameless module
  • Lower embodied energy
  • Lower profile
No module grounding
  • No grounding lugs
  • No continuous module grounding
Constrained positioning
  • Perfect alignment
  • Speeds installation time
Integrated wireway
  • UV and rodent protection
  • Speeds installation time
Tamper-proof stainless steel bolts
  • Keeps your investment working
Black and clear backsheets
  • Aesthetic options for all applications


Project Design Software

All our LSX modules are available on Autodesk Seek and Trimble 3D Warehouse Sketchup (powered by Google) as one dynamic component or separate standard components.

Autodesk Seek

Download product Revit models that will allow you to create/design realistic 3D renderings.


Trimble 3D Warehouse SketchUp

powered by Google

Standard - A FREE program offered by Google that’s a perfect tool for any solar integrator.

SketchUp Pro - A $495 per license program that offers these keys features:

  • Dynamic Components – Increase your productivity via 3D warehouse
  • Layout – Build single line diagrams, permit and installer packages with ease
  • Export and Import Capability – Easily communicate designs with other design professionals


Lumos Solar Panels Warranty Information

To download our latest solar panel product warranty information, click here.