Lumos Municipal and Educational Gallery

Aesthetic solar isn't just for the home or business, government related entities are also realizing and visualizing the art of solar.


SolarScapes Images

SolarScapes, the latest in Lumos products, is a pre-engineered but fully configurable overhead application of LSX. How a SolarScapes is deployed is limited only by the imagination.


LSX Awning Images

Create a welcoming entrance with an LSX solar awning. The ambient light that passes through the panels creates a warm, open feeling as people walk under it.


LSX Canopy and Carport Images

Be the example to promote clean, solar energy with a visible solar canopy or carport. LSX enhances the apparence of these structures, showing that solar can also be an attractive addition to any facility.


LSX Solar Sculpture Images

Already have solar, but no one knows it because it's mounted on a flat roof? Solar sculptures utilizing LSX are a perfect way show off your solar support and a piece of art.